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  • Fri

    Sansefestival: Polymorphosis - forestilling samtidsdans

    18:00 - 19:00
    En flott mulighet til å oppleve samtidsdans på fredag under sansefestivalen. Claire Hurpeau, fransk danser og koreograf , gjester Norge. Hun har kreert en vakker forestilling på 55 minutter og tilbyr denne til festivalpublikummet. Forestillingen er i samarbeid med Nes kunstforening.
    Her er hennes beskrivelse av forestillingen Polymorphosis:

    Alive in all its cells, the body contracts and expands, develops, twists and deforms. Endlessly being transformed.
    Upside-down, sharply-shaped it moves precisely, or chaotically. Crawling, progressing, being extracted, rising, opening or closing...
    Body fragments having their own life, being in themselves independent entities.
    Polymorphosis is about multiples transformations, from which diverse body qualities and bizarre shapes can emerge. Illusion is brought in, disturbing the perception of the body, awakening each one's imagination.
    Drawn from animal and vegetal lives, organic movements evoke the Nature, its shapes a
    nd dynamics. Moments of slowness are part of the process, altering the relationship to time of the viewer, inviting him to break out of his daily rhythm to better plunge into the unknown.
    Polymosphosis is a journey at the very heart of a sensitive world. An immersion in an odd environment, vibrant in its physicality, and meticulously worked to the smallest detail.
    Claire Hurpeau is a French dancer and choreographer based in Strasbourg. From 2010 to 2012 she trained at the Bewegungs-art professional education Dance School in Freiburg, Germany, developing skills in New Dance, improvisation and performance. Her work, rooted in New Dance field, has been nourished from different practices, such as somatic technics, contact improvisation, butoh dance and theatrical clowning.
    Since some years, she has been immersed in movement and dance research, aiming to develop her personal body language. With the body as artistic material, she is always curious of investigating an organic way of moving. Ecologist in the heart, she integrates her love for Nature in her work.
    Along those years of research, she has been created several short pieces with her first long piece “Polymorphosis” in 2018. Claire likes to share her work by teaching to very different people: from children to adults, from beginner to professionals.
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